Epilogue, Not Really
Some of you know I've been blogging elsewhere for a while now -


- but diaryland might have given me the most devoted audience I've ever had, despite the fact I've been blogging under my own name for over 3 years now. On occasion, people will come out of the blue and say "omg I grew up reading substantial what happened?"

I've blogged at livejournal and a few other places, and some of the other entries are remarkable (ask and I'll send highlights your way). Still, what is most remarkable is the shift in my writing. Gone are the days of wondering about love and moping about it. They've been gone for quite some time now, actually, and I'm actually deleting entries on my current blog about my personal life as I find them. There aren't many details - nothing there is (terribly) compromising, but I don't relate to them as I used to.

Substantial will stay intact, though. This blog fulfilled its purpose, and I might even update it from time to time. Sometimes when a purpose is fulfilled, it opens an entirely new world.

It isn't that I have anyone. The girl I loved the most I walked away from. What happened, to answer my sometime audience, is that nearly all of the themes of this blog I have found myself expanding on. If you go to where I write currently, you'll see the number of poem commentaries have exploded. I deal with the issue of loneliness and wanting to be loved through Emily Dickinson's work. The entries here that concerned our attitudes towards politics and each other have become a multitude: sometimes I'll address themes by linking to current articles. Many times I'll try to bring out something of Jefferson's or Lincoln's and work from there.

And there are a host of entries that concern my current work, elaborating on the problems and tensions Socrates represents.

I guess what happened was that I found a new definition of success, one that I could be content with. I'm still working on getting what I would like, but I can't complain about the journey. Things are happening, and the best part about it all is that other people want to tag along, have wanted to tag along. It only took me a few years to realize it.

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